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Stephen C W June 18, 2022
She was awesome...really went the extra mile(s) on this deal!!
Meddo E S June 15, 2022
Mike started the journey with me years ago. His early unforgettable advice set me on a path to mastering my financial situation and eventually coming to a successful close. His calm demeanor and clear itemized instructions made the journey painless. Importantly, even when he had to redirect me in order for me to create the appropriate ecosystem for a successful home buying situation, he handled the entire process with care and consummate professionalism. Mike was accessible and responsive and I felt confident that my business was handled expertly. I am pleased with his method: lists, clear segmented steps, and steady progress towards closing. I am eternally grateful, Mike!
Raven E L June 13, 2022
Very fast closing all things considered. It was stressful at the end with so many document requirements and a holiday weekend, but Mike kept us on task.
Beverly L W June 9, 2022
Working with Grace Ann was such a pleasure, she was patient & heipful all thru the process
Jose E M June 5, 2022
He was very helpful with any questions I had and was on top of everything.