Colorado FHA Loan Limits for 2023

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has recently increased the amount of money that can be borrowed through its mortgage programs in most areas of Colorado by more than $51K. The increase is even greater in high-cost areas. New limits will go into effect in 2023.

The increases will allow more borrowers to take advantage of FHA’s benefits:

  • Low down payment options
  • Lower total cash-to-close requirements with gift or seller contributions
  • More lenient and streamlined refinancing*
  • Ability to combine purchase and rehab financing
  • In some high-cost areas, higher loan limits than conventional mortgages

Here are the specifics:

  • In most areas, the FHA loan limit will be $472,030, a 12% increase over 2022’s limit of $420,680.
  • In high-cost areas, the limit moves to $1,089,300, a 12% increase over 2022’s $970,800.
  • In some lower-cost areas or those with higher costs of construction, limits will vary.


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Colorado FHA Loan Limits by County


County NameOne-Unit (Single-Family)Two-Unit (Duplex)Three-Unit (Triplex)Four-Unit (Multi-Plex)
ADAMS COUNTY$787,750$1,008,450$1,219,000$1,514,950
ALAMOSA COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
ARAPAHOE COUNTY$787,750$1,008,450$1,219,000$1,514,950
ARCHULETA COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
BACA COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
BENT COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
BOULDER COUNTY$856,750$1,096,800$1,325,800$1,647,650
BROOMFIELD COUNTY$787,750$1,008,450$1,219,000$1,514,950
CHAFFEE COUNTY$600,300$768,500$928,950$1,154,450
CHEYENNE COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
CLEAR CREEK COUNTY$787,750$1,008,450$1,219,000$1,514,950
CONEJOS COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
COSTILLA COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
CROWLEY COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
CUSTER COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
DELTA COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
DENVER COUNTY$787,750$1,008,450$1,219,000$1,514,950
DOLORES COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
DOUGLAS COUNTY$787,750$1,008,450$1,219,000$1,514,950
EAGLE COUNTY$1,075,250$1,376,550$1,663,900$2,067,850
EL PASO COUNTY$517,500$662,500$800,800$995,200
ELBERT COUNTY$787,750$1,008,450$1,219,000$1,514,950
FREMONT COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
GARFIELD COUNTY$1,089,300$1,394,775$1,685,850$2,095,200
GILPIN COUNTY$787,750$1,008,450$1,219,000$1,514,950
GRAND COUNTY$669,300$856,800$1,035,700$1,287,150
GUNNISON COUNTY$519,800$665,450$804,350$999,600
HINSDALE COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
HUERFANO COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
JACKSON COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
JEFFERSON COUNTY$787,750$1,008,450$1,219,000$1,514,950
KIOWA COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
KIT CARSON COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
LA PLATA COUNTY$596,850$764,050$923,600$1,147,800
LAKE COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
LARIMER COUNTY$614,100$786,150$950,300$1,181,000
LAS ANIMAS COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
LINCOLN COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
LOGAN COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
MESA COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
MINERAL COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
MOFFAT COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
MONTEZUMA COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
MONTROSE COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
MORGAN COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
OTERO COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
OURAY COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
PARK COUNTY$787,750$1,008,450$1,219,000$1,514,950
PHILLIPS COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
PITKIN COUNTY$1,089,300$1,394,775$1,685,850$2,095,200
PROWERS COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
PUEBLO COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
RIO BLANCO COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
RIO GRANDE COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
ROUTT COUNTY$845,250$1,082,100$1,308,000$1,625,500
SAGUACHE COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
SAN JUAN COUNTY$506,000$647,750$783,000$973,100
SAN MIGUEL COUNTY$1,045,350$1,338,250$1,617,650$2,010,350
SEDGWICK COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
SUMMIT COUNTY$953,350$1,220,450$1,475,250$1,833,400
TELLER COUNTY$517,500$662,500$800,800$995,200
WASHINGTON COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900
WELD COUNTY$555,450$711,050$711,050$1,068,200
YUMA COUNTY$472,030$604,400$730,525$907,900

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  • Low income requirements and no geographic restrictions
  • Down payment can be gifted from a relative, borrowed from an eligible 401K, or provided through an approved state or local program
  • FHA loan limits vary by county


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