Jeremy Hinton

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Jeremy Hinton

Mortgage Loan Originator
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Jeremy Hinton has over a decade of experience helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership. He has a proven track record of taking difficult loans across the finish line. Creating real estate investors has become his specialty over the years and he has found that this is what makes his job mean the most to him. Helping people become to financially independent is what drives him! If you need a special kind of mortgage professional, Jeremy Carl Hinton is your GUY!

“Professional, great guy. Highly recommend. Helped me with my home purchase and a refi. Hardly had to do anything. Kept me in the loop and handled it." - Joseph D. (Florissant, Colorado) | Verified 5-Star Customer Review on SocialSurvey

State Licenses:
NMLS # 1416758
Colorado - Colorado- Regulated by the Division of Real Estate. Colorado- Regulado por la División de Bienes y Raíces.