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Phonesavanh P August 1, 2021
Tina M July 30, 2021
David and his team made my experience in purchasing my new home very smooth and stress-free, well for me, LOL. It was easiest home purchase I have ever made and I appreciate all the help, hard work and assistance of David, Holy and Pam. They helped me understand my loan process so clearly. Holy and Pam are a awesome asset to David’s team and I appreciate all their help in processing my loan for my new home. Thanks folks !
Gee D July 30, 2021
Best Company in Dothan
Sangsawhang S July 9, 2021
Super friendly and helpful! Thank you for making it easy, smooth and answering all our questions as first time home buyers!!
Nagruk R July 8, 2021
Online system was very efficient and user friendly. Staff were very responsive and answered phone. They were able to answer questions and provide advise in a timely manner.