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Haleh F March 11, 2021
Kelli is very professional, friendly, knowledgable, and prompt to respond. Overall I had a great experience. Thanks for all your help, advice and offering your your wisdom freely when I was overwhelmed and desperate for help. You are simply the best. Thanks also for your friendship.
Melvin P March 11, 2021
We are very pleased at closing, which David and his crew decided to keep going forward, that made us get a home, Good job.
Kellie J February 22, 2021
Great service from Kelli and her team.
Aaron L February 16, 2021
There seamed a huge disconnect between Kelli and Desira. Desira would ask us for all kind of documentation that we had already sent to Kelli. Discussing with a friend of mi e that had recently used the same company they had stated they had the same issue. That was the only problem I had that could have made it better. I know our particular situation was unusual and you all did great getting us to the finish line. Thank you.
Tanguy Libbrecht February 14, 2021