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Brooke Kyleigh B November 30, 2021
Kelli was AMAZING to work with from the very beginning. She knows her stuff and is passionate about what she does, which makes all the difference. Not only did she help us with a loan - she made sure we knew all the tips and tricks when it comes to buying a home as well as introduced use to our realtor! I only recommend Kelli when I have friends or family in the market for a home!
Ronald Everett H November 30, 2021
Kelli made the buying process on the verge of being pleasurable. Kelli carefully explained every document in detail before each signing. Kelli is courteous, professional, and informative. Thanks Primi!!
Ricky S November 18, 2021
Seamless, very easy and very pleasant
Carrol A October 16, 2021
I started with David when he was ill but he did my initial paperwork immediately and had me approved for the start of my loan process just as quick. He passed though so that made me a victim of tragedy. The paperwork had to be resubmitted and I did have some frustration but even though they had that tragedy the team held it together and kept going with my loan documents and things that were needed. I commend them for the service during probably one of the hardest times of their lives.
Zachary M September 21, 2021
Kelli went above and beyond to help us during our home purchase. Her advice, assistance, availability, friendliness, everything made the transaction much simpler than it would have been. We will definitely be recommending her to any friends seeking out a lender. Thanks!