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Tamas B December 4, 2022
I will ALWAYS remember you for my rest of my life. Me and my wife are so happy to work with you. You are available 27/7. When I had a silly question, you always answered my call, even on weekends and nights (so I was able to sleep better). I almost decided not to work with you because the other company had all my information, but after just a short talk with you I decided to work with you. I made one of my best decisions in my life. You are a wonderful person and extremely hard worker. You give us the best customer service I ever received. Frank, I am so proud of you. Me and my wife will highly recommend you because of your dedication, hard work and the excellent customer service. Thank you for all your help and all your support to make the biggest purchase in my life without stress.
Nneka H I December 3, 2022
Frank was readily available to clear our questions and concerns.
Twania G December 2, 2022
Great service!!
Klara A B December 1, 2022
Frank was always available. For instance, when he was on vacation, he answered our phone call immediately. We had an excellent experience working with him. Thank you so much.
Claudia P S December 1, 2022
Frank, I have only had listings for the past 8 months. I expect to have more buyers starting around March 2023. I will surely have you take care of buyers for me. You did an EXCELLENT job!