Everyone wants a move-in ready home, and that can drive the price of theses home sup. And homes needing a little work sometimes barely get a second glance. During your quest for just the right home, you've found a few that almost meet your needs, but not quite.

Or maybe you've decided after your search that your current home can be your "home sweet home" after all, it just needs a little TLC, and maybe some extra space.

Either way, we can help!

There's a good chance that the home is uninsurable, in other words, the property is in a condition that renders it ineligible for common financing. And homes that can't be financed have fewer buyers. Few buyers can mean a great opportunity for a great deal! You just need an experienced lender that knows how to help you capture these deals. Let's collaborate and map out a plan to help you get a screaming deal on an uninsurable property.

In addition to offering Expertise, PRMI offers a number of flexible purchase and home improvement financing programs to help you turn a house into YOUR home. We call them Your Dream Loans because they accommodate your vision and dreams.

Have you ever noticed how during your quest for a home, that you find what appears to be a great deal on a home, yet it sits and sits on the market for a long time? You wonder, "What's up with that?".

Great! I see the revelation of renovation, where do I start?

Let's start with a strategy session and a mortgage application. Simply click on the ClickApproval logo below to start the process. In most instances, the application can be completed in about 10 minutes on your smartphone or tablet.

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