Executive Leadership

Kenneth Knudson

CEO and President

Chris Jones

President, Retail

Tom George

Executive Vice President and Chief Production Officer

A.J. Swope

Executive Vice President of Secondary Marketing

Richard J. Armstrong

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Mathew Whitebrook

Senior Vice President of Capital Markets

Alyssa North

Senior Vice President of Operations | Salt Lake City

Brandi Hume

Senior Vice President of Enterprise Risk Management

Lorin Knudson

Senior Vice President of Servicing

Senior Leadership

Romy Aitipamula

SVP of Enterprise Business Technologies

Joseph Christensen

VP of Business Relations

Kimberly Coleman

VP & Associate General Counsel

Amy Gallow

VP of Business Development

Michelle Gilbert

VP of Operations

John Hume

VP of Production

Ben Jacobsen

VP of Finance and Accounting

Carrie Johansen

VP of Human Resources

Jared Lewis

VP of Marketing

Jessica Rackham

VP of Quality Assurance

Susan Shaffer

VP of Underwriting

Deborah Speed

VP of Communications

Hollie Wyllie

VP of Compliance