Home Loan Options for Ellis County Homebuyers

Every home buyer in north central Texas has unique needs and goals. At Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., we offer a broad spectrum of lending solutions to suit any situation. Regardless of how much you plan to borrow – and whether you have a strong credit history, a low credit score or a mediocre credit rating – our loan originators are ready to meet your needs.

Reach out to our office in Waxahachie, Texas, and we’ll provide you with mortgage shopping assistance. Our local home loan experts look forward to helping you explore your options and matching you with a mortgage lender and financing that works for you.

Down Payment Assistance Click to open answer

Don’t have money saved to put down on your dream home? We have details on down payment assistance programs that are currently available for first-time buyers in north central Texas. Call on PRMI, and you may be able to buy the house you want with very little down – or even no down payment at all.

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Low-Credit Loans Click to open answer

Having a poor credit score or no credit history doesn’t have to mean putting your dreams of being a Texas homeowner on hold. PRMI has several low-credit loan options, including government-backed mortgages and home loans funded by private mortgage lenders, and our expert team can help you find a financing solution.

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Reverse Mortgages Click to open answer

If you own a Texas home and you’re at least 62 years of age, you may qualify for a reverse mortgage – which allows you to tap into the equity you’ve built up over the years. You can take the cash as a lump sum, opt to receive monthly payments or access the funds as needed.

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Construction Loans Click to open answer

Can’t find your dream home in Waxahachie, Midlothian or anywhere else in Ellis County, Texas? Build it instead – PRMI has access to mortgage lenders that offer new construction loans to cover the costs of labor, materials and landscaping. Or, if you’d rather update your current home, we can set you up with a renovation loan.  

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Refinance Loans Click to open answer

Refinancing your current mortgage can result in a lower monthly payment, lower interest rate and more favorable terms. A refinance loan can also help you put an end to paying private mortgage insurance (PMI) – plus, by refinancing, you can pay off your debts and enjoy more financial freedom every month.

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Mortgage Pre-Qualification Click to open answer

Get in touch with PRMI, and we can get you pre-qualified for a home loan. The process takes just a few minutes of your time, but the results – knowing how much mortgage lenders will likely allow you to borrow – makes it easier to shop for your ideal Ellis County home.

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VA Loans Click to open answer

Backed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, VA loans offer several advantages to active military service members, reservists, veterans and their surviving spouses. Eligible Texas home buyers aren’t always required to have a down payment with this type of financing, and VA loans come with easy qualification and affordable options.

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FHA Loans Click to open answer

FHA loans, which are guaranteed by the U.S. Federal Housing Administration, are designed for home buyers with credit problems and low to moderate incomes. Qualification is easy, and by choosing an FHA mortgage, you can buy a home with a down payment as low as 3.5 percent of the purchase price.

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USDA Loans Click to open answer

If you plan to buy a home that’s within any of the USDA’s designated north central Texas areas, you may qualify for a mortgage backed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. USDA loans offer competitive interest rates and flexible credit requirements, along with the opportunity to buy a home with little to no money down. 

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Conventional Loans Click to open answer

For many home buyers in north central Texas, conventional loans, funded by private mortgage lenders, are a smart choice. Our expert team can help you secure a fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage with a 15-year or 30-year term – and you can trust us to find the lowest possible interest rate.

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