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Daron R June 15, 2022
Great communication and quick responses to questions.
Lia R June 15, 2022
We had a very seamless experience and are happy we chose to work with them!
James L June 15, 2022
Very thorough and extremely timely!!!
Stephanie Denise B June 15, 2022
Kendall and her team work very well together, return calls promptly, and gives feedback as needed. They all worked together for us to expeditiously get to the closing table. For my personal experience to be improved, I feel that exhausting all options for qualification would have been helpful. As a detailed oriented person, I would have liked the front-loading of the process to be better explained, not just a pre-approval amount. Again, thankful for the team overall.
Meddo E S June 15, 2022
Mike started the journey with me years ago. His early unforgettable advice set me on a path to mastering my financial situation and eventually coming to a successful close. His calm demeanor and clear itemized instructions made the journey painless. Importantly, even when he had to redirect me in order for me to create the appropriate ecosystem for a successful home buying situation, he handled the entire process with care and consummate professionalism. Mike was accessible and responsive and I felt confident that my business was handled expertly. I am pleased with his method: lists, clear segmented steps, and steady progress towards closing. I am eternally grateful, Mike!