Our values guide every decision we make and give us a solid foundation to achieve our mission to be a nationally respected, locally known home loan company whose purpose is to finance homeownership goals through a positive and personal experience.  

At PRMI, happiness isn’t just one of our core values, it’s the cornerstone of our culture and informs every decision we make—especially when it comes to Loan Originators. As good as you are at what you do, nothing beats having a team that is committed to your quality of life and understands what you need to succeed.

I Want Better


Empowerment | Happiness | Advocacy | Integrity | Stability | Teamwork | Excellence

“In all my 25 years in the mortgage industry, I have not had a better fit for my business and production than PRMI. Nobody knows what the future holds, but if the future is anything like the past I have enjoyed here, it is going to be very bright.”


Dave DeSousa, Branch Manager


At PRMI, we don’t just invest in our employees, we invest in our communities. We believe that giving back makes us better people and a better company. PRMI Giving Network partners with local and global charitable organizations to create real change through nutrition, service and education. Our service initiatives give you the chance to get out into your community and be the change you want to see in the world.

I Want Better