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Viola Bello S August 18, 2016
Ida was communicative and explained issues as they came up thoroughly.
Michael S. S August 18, 2016
Ida treated us like family. Didn't let us get over our heads and also encouraged us when we needed it.
daninep June 6, 2016
"I have known Ida since 2003. She has been a personal friend as well as a financial advisor. She guided me through restructuring my personal finances, two refinances on my previous house and purchasing the house I currently live in. Her indepth knowledge, experience and professionalism in her field are invaluable. She always has her thumb on the pulse of the economy and is abreast of market fluctuations as well as forecasting future changes that will impact interest rates and investments. Her demeanor is always pleasant and she goes the extra mile to make sure you are receiving the very best service she has to offer. Her confidence and comprehension in her field come through with every transaction that she delivers and, as a customer, you can be confident that you are being well taken care of. "
user2494481 March 1, 2014
We found out about Ida through my mom, who is a financial planner, and I trust any financial recommendation she makes for that reason. My husband and I had about 6 weeks from the time we first saw the house we wanted to buy until settlement, and about 2 weeks before settlement, we went out of the country on a missions trip. It wasn't the most ideal timing, and we had some concerns about it, but Ida was on top of everything before, during and after that time. She was incredibly responsiveness, kept us informed throughout the process, has years of experience and knowledge to share, and answered any questions we had. She gave us peace of mind, and we knew we could trust and rely on her! As first time home buyers, we had no idea what to expect from the home-buying process, but Ida made the financial part of the process as easy as possible. We feel fortunate to have had such a pleasant experience with something that is inherently stressful, especially given our tight time-frame. We highly recommend Ida!