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Daniel Q May 29, 2018
Dolores Garcia's hard work.
Rickey B R May 2, 2018
We've been through so many companies and people out there who claim to make the possibility of owning your own home a reality. Only to find out that the claims would be true only if you've had a bank full of money and a very low expectation of what a home should be. With Dolores, she made our dream of owning a great home come true without the worries and without the stress.
Caroline M April 14, 2018
We relied on Dolores to get us through a challenging loan approval process. Dolores was personable, capable, and in the end facilitated our loan. We surely appreciate her perseverance and knowledge of the process on our behalf.
Jason A April 11, 2018
The biggest pain point for us is when we had to send the same documents to multiple people because it wasn't recorded that Frost had it. It is no big deal but when you get an email asking for things we jump thru hoops to make it happen so when we need to send it twice but Frost Internal is losing track of it, it gets old.. :) Not Dolores's fault it seems like a workflow issue.
Lonnie L F March 24, 2018
The ability to esig n, have contact with lender, and continual support.