PRMI Pillars: Legendary “Red Shoes” Service

May 26, 2020 07:00 AM


The leaders at Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. created four pillars to strengthen our business, set us up for growth and improve experiences for everyone we interact with, from customers to fellow employees.

Our four pillars are:

We’ve already written about Entrepreneurial Freedom and Selfless Partnership. Keep reading to learn about our third pillar: Legendary Service.

What is Legendary “Red Shoes” Service?

At PRMI, we’ve build a strong culture around exceptional service. We expect everyone on our team to provide thoughtful, helpful service in every interaction, whether they’re helping a client with a loan or answering a phone call from a colleague.

When we provide service that stands out like a pair of red shoes, we all work more efficiently and have a more positive work culture and experience. We take ownership, and instead of saying “That’s not my job,” we look for ways to help.

What does this mean for you?

As part of PRMI, we’ll expect you to provide your customers and referral partners with standout service, but you can expect standout service from us in return. We’re here when you need us and ready to help, whether your request is big or small.

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