About PRMI

PRMI believes everyone deserves a home.

Our mission is to be a nationally respected, locally known home loan company that finances homeownership goals through positive and personal experiences.

At the heart of PRMI's success lies our unwavering commitment to our people and culture, embodied in the four pillars at the heart of our business model:

Entrepreneurial Freedom

We understand the importance of autonomy in building a successful business. PRMI was founded by loan originators who craved the freedom to succeed on their own terms. This entrepreneurial freedom remains a core differentiator for every PRMI branch manager.

Selfless Partnership

The best partnerships in life, both personal and professional, are rooted in a core commitment to selflessness. At PRMI, we are committed to putting our partners first. We believe in a shared commitment where everyone involved is dedicated to the success and wellbeing of the other party.

Legendary “Red Shoes” Service

Delivering an unmatched service experience can only be achieved when every party to a transaction performs as the best version of themselves. When this is achieved, we create an experience that stands out like a pair of red shoes. It is the only acceptable goal for every transaction and engagement.

Battle-Tested Model

Since our inception, PRMI has weathered the storms and triumphs of the mortgage industry. We have been tested through the best and worst times, which has made us stronger and more resilient. We are committed to remaining debt-free, embracing change and always doing the right thing, regardless of the cost. These principles form the foundation of our success and stability.

Our core values – empowerment, excellence, teamwork, stability, advocacy and happiness – are the driving force behind our achievements. We have been nationally and regionally recognized as a top place to work because we are dedicated to creating a culture where every person feels a strong sense of connection and belonging.

PRMI’s Core Values

PRMI’s core values shape the environment we want to create.

  • Teamwork
  • Stability
  • Advocacy
  • Empowerment
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Happiness

What’s Important to PRMI?

  • Caring for People
  • Making Time for Family and Friends
  • Paying Attention to Others
  • Improving People’s Lives
  • Instilling Trust in Our Communities