PRMI Pillars: Entrepreneurial Freedom

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Jan 13, 2020 04:56 PM

by: Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. was built on a solid foundation composed of our amazing people and strong core values. On top of that strong foundation stand four pillars that set PRMI apart and give Loan Originators what they need to thrive. Keep reading to learn more about our pillars.

PRMI’s Four Pillars

Our pillars set us up for future growth, strengthen our existing business, distinguish us from industry competitors and make it easier for you to focus on building your business.

The four pillars are:

Blog -- Four Pillars

We’ll begin with Entrepreneurial Freedom and go into more depth about each pillar in future posts.

What is Entrepreneurial Freedom?

Entrepreneurial Freedom means we respect your ideas about how to grow your own business. You’re the one with the experience and know-how, and we want you to thrive under the freedom to operate your business the way you know is best.

We provide unprecedented autonomy and support to give you the opportunity for life-changing growth and success.

Local control, national team

More than 80% of our files are underwritten locally, and our case-by-case underwriting policy means no file gets denied without a personal call from the underwriter.

This level of personalization means you have someone who understands your unique market and cares about your customers as much as you do.

Support when you need it

You run your own business, but that doesn’t mean you’re on your own. While you’re closing loans, we set up CRM systems, establish HR services, maintain compliance, give marketing support and provide business intelligence resources that let you thrive.

Giving you the freedom you need to thrive is a win-win. After all, if you’re not successful, we’re not successful.

Take charge of your future. Contact us to join PRMI today.