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We strategize around your growth. We inform each decision with our core values. We focus on long-term prosperity rather than short-term gains. By staying true to our core values, we've seen 20 years of steady growth.


I Want Better

I’ve worked for PRMI on Chris Wood’s team for over 5 years.  PRMI gives me the ability to concentrate only on what makes me successful – originating!  I don’t have to spend my time managing my loans in process because I have an amazing support staff that provides amazing service to my clients!  I started as an originator, and when I was ready to start my own branch, PRMI provided all that was needed to make me successful.


Martin Sanchez, Retail Branch Manager.

We support the experts in the market: YOU.

We know our job is to let you do what you do best. With our national team in place, you get as much freedom as you want and take as much support as you need.

Dedicated LO Assistant, processor and underwriter assigned to your team.

Dedicated closing department that mee deadlines.

Seamless communication with team and management.

If you’re not successful, we’re not successful.

Our national team focuses on growing your loan options, increasing marketing opportunities and managing the regulatory environment, so you can manage the day-to-day of your customer’s experience.

Over 300 loan products with dedicated team constantly vetting new programs.

Mentorship with top producers who share their success to promote a winning team environment.

Talented management team ensures your loans close on time!

20 Years of growth

You Originate. We do the rest.

Having cutting-edge technology only helps if you can use it. We provide the tools you need to stay ahead, and the staff to make it work for you.

“One-Click” loan approvals

Lead-generating CRMs

Market-forecasting tools

Marketing Support

Customer education tools

The automated features today’s customers expect with the personal service they deserve.  


“PRMI offered me a great opportunity to grow my career, and today I manage a high volume branch and cannot imagine myself doing this well financially anywhere else”


Arleen Rodriguez, Branch Manager