Pool Safety and Maintenance Tips


Summertime means fun by the pool. Make sure your pool parties are fun and worry-free with these simple safety and maintenance tips.

Put Pool Safety First

Here are five ways to make sure everyone (including pets) has a great time at the pool.

  1. Keep kids and pets out of danger with a pool fence or gate. Consider adding a contact sensor to the entryway so you’ll get notifications any time the gate is opened.
  2. Make swimming lessons a priority.
  3. Invest in pool safety equipment.
  4. Designate the deep end. Consider adding a float rope between the shallow and deep ends to help swimmers that float too far.
  5. Post pool rules. A list of pool rules (like no running!) is helpful for both household members and visitors.
Make Pool Maintenance a Priority

Proper maintenance extends the life of your pool and makes it safer. Here are five pool maintenance tips to add to your list.

  1. Keep the pool area clear. Pool accessories can turn into tripping hazards. Bins and baskets make it easy to organize wet towels and toys after swimming.
  2. Stay on top of yard debris. Sticks, leaves and other yard debris can hurt bare feet and make your pool dirty. Skim the surface of your pool daily or use a robotic pool vacuum to save time and effort.
  3. Check chemicals at least once a week. Balanced chemical levels help swimmers avoid skin and eye irritation and inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  4. Keep your filter clean. About once a week, turn off the filter, remove the filter cap and clear out any gathered debris. Once a month, give your system a fresh start by setting your filter to “backwash” to clean out the pipes.
  5. Clean oils out of the water. Pools get their fair share of grease and oils from sunscreen, hair products, and natural body oils. Try throwing in a tennis ball. Tennis ball fibers attract these oils and will keep your pool’s surface from developing a slick sheen.

Whether you have an in-ground or an above-ground pool, proper maintenance and safety measures will maximize your summer fun. We hope these tips help you enjoy a stress-free summer. And don’t forget—we’re always here to help with any home financing needs.

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