How To Stage Your Home for Sale

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Jan 10, 2022 07:00 AM

by: Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

At Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., we understand how stressful it can be to sell your home. We want you to get a fair price, and a few hours of work up could mean thousands of dollars when closing the sale. Here are some tips on staging.

What Is Staging and Why Is It Important?

Staging is simply setting up your home for potential buyers to view. A well-staged home can make people feel comfortable and at home, which is likely to increase the sale price.

Staging your home well allows buyers to see themselves in that space, which can help them become attached to it. This makes it harder to walk away without feeling a loss. The more attached to the space they feel, the more likely they are to make an offer.

Clean and Open Up the Space

Before showing off your space, it’s important to deep clean and declutter. This includes putting away unnecessary furniture, throw blankets and pillows. If you have too much stuff, put some of it in storage. Make the space minimal, and then add a few touches to make it feel like someone’s home. The space should look livable, but not lived-in.

Don’t Make It Too Personal

When inviting people into your home, it can be tempting to show off your style. This is your space, and chances are you have worked hard to make it comfortable and appealing to you and your friends and loved ones. If this is you, pause.

Remember, staging is not about showing off your taste, it is about selling a home. You want to appeal to as many buyers as possible. More interest from buyers means more bidding, and that usually means a higher sale price.

If you want to appeal to more potential buyers, it is better to play it safe with décor. Consider putting away personal and unnecessary knick-knacks. Save bold moves for parties and other personal occasions. Think clean lines and safe colors. If you decorate with books or art, try to keep the selections relatively neutral.

Consider Hiring a Professional

While staging on your own can keep costs down in the short term, hiring a professional may be worth the cost when the home sells. We tend to become attached to our spaces and design choices. An outside party who has worked with a wide variety of audiences as a professional will have an eye trained for mass appeal. Hiring a designer may even pay for itself if it increases the sale price.

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