Summer Fire Safety Tips

Jul 2, 2019 08:54 AM

By: Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

Fire safety is important all year long, but with Independence Day celebrations and family barbeques right around the corner, it’s a good time to run through fire safety tips. Fire safety is especially important in the summer when the hot, dry weather can leave many areas more vulnerable to fire.

At Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc., we care about the safety of you, your family and your home. Check out the tips below to make sure you stay safe and have fun this summer.

Year-Round Fire Safety at Home

  • Install smoke detectors on each level of your home and near any sleeping areas. If possible, get interconnected smoke detectors so all will go off if one senses a problem.
  • Replace any frayed or damaged wires and cords.
  • Teach family members escape routes from each room and have a plan for an emergency.
  • Stay in the kitchen whenever cooking on the stove top.
  • Get a fire extinguisher for your kitchen, garage or workshop. If you need training on using the extinguisher, contact your local fire department.
  • Always store flammable liquids away from heat sources.
  • If you smoke, go outside.
  • Keep your clothes dryer lint trap clean and check the exhaust pipe frequently.

Outdoor Cooking Fire Safety

  • Keep outdoor fire pits 10 feet way from your house, toolshed and other structures.
  • Use your grill at least 3 feet away from the house and make sure there aren’t overhanging branches nearby.
  • Always stay at the grill while cooking.
  • Use tools with long handles to avoid burns.
  • Roll up your sleeves before cooking.
  • Clean after use to remove grease and avoid future grease fire.
  • Always open your gas grill before you light it.

Fireworks Safety

  • Choose a spot with no dry, flammable things nearby.
  • Remember, sparklers burn very hot and can cause third-degree burns. Supervise children carefully when they’re using sparklers.
  • Keep a bucket of water or garden hose nearby when lighting fireworks.
  • Only light one at a time.
  • Douse spent fireworks with water before throwing them away.
  • Wear fitted clothing when lighting fireworks.
  • Do not relight fireworks that malfunction. Douse them in water and throw them away.

Important notes about fireworks:

  1. The Fourth of July can be a hard day for pets, and unfortunately it isn’t uncommon for them to run off when they’re scared. Please make sure yours are secure and safe inside, even if you’re not lighting fireworks yourself.
  2. Fireworks can be very stressful for combat veterans with PTSD. If you plan on setting off fireworks in your neighborhood, be considerate and tell neighbors ahead of time—especially if you’re setting them off on days other than the expected holiday.

Stay safe and have fun this summer! And if you realize you need some extra cash for home safety upgrades or other fun summer projects, contact your local PRMI Loan Officer about financing options.