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Competitive Mortgage Programs in Flower Mound, TX

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. offers a wide range of loan options at competitive mortgage rates to Texas borrowers. Clients who wish to go the conventional route may opt for our 15-year and 30-year fixed rate mortgages. Other options include adjustable rate mortgages, 2/1 buy down mortgages, reverse mortgages, VA, USDA, or various other home loan programs.

Scott Satine, a senior home loan officer in our Flower Mound, TX branch, can help you find the mortgage loan option that makes the most sense for you. Please see below for a brief summary of some of the loan programs we offer:

First-Time Homebuyer Click to open answer

First-time homebuyers in Flower Mound, Texas and surrounding areas have various grants and programs to choose from. Scott helps you determine the most suitable one for you. You can qualify for this if you’ve never owned a home. You may also qualify through specific cases of divorce, previous home ownership, non-home ownership, and property damage. APPLY TODAY

Pre-Qualification Click to open answer

For many, mortgage pre-qualification is the first step to owning your dream home. It is basically an initial evaluation to help you determine the right price range and loan options given your unique situation. Senior loan officer Scott Satine helps you provide an overview of your financial history — which includes your income, assets, credit score and debts — for review from the lender. APPLY TODAY

Low Credit Loan Click to open answer

Having worked in the mortgage industry since 1991, Scott Satine has encountered many clients who feel discouraged about the loan application process because of their less-than-perfect credit scores. Through creative financing and industry expertise, Scott is able to find the most effective ways to assist clients who are applying for low credit loans in Flower Mound, Texas and surrounding areas. APPLY TODAY

Refinance Click to open answer

Refinancing is a good option if you want to change the interest rate, payment schedule, or terms of your previous home loan. Scott can assist you with any refinance needs you may have. As a result, you will save money on interest costs, while also having the option to shorten your existing loan term. APPLY TODAY

New Construction Loan Click to open answer

Buying a new construction home involves countless choices and unique opportunities. You can explore these options when you secure a new construction home loan from a reliable lender. Located in Flower Mound, TX, Scott Satine can help finance your dream home by making the loan application process easier for you. APPLY TODAY

VA Loans Click to open answer

VA loans help make homeownership more attainable for veterans and military service members. These loans are federally insured and available with no down payment.* Plus, they don’t require private mortgage insurance.

*Closing costs and fees may still apply.


FHA Loans Click to open answer

FHA loans come with low down payment options and lenient credit requirements. These federally insured loans are designed to help more people achieve their homeownership goals.


USDA Loans Click to open answer

USDA loans are government-insured loans that help people purchase homes in rural areas. These loans are often available with low or no down payment.*

*Closing costs and fees may still apply.


Conventional Loans Click to open answer

Conventional loans offer affordable rates and flexible down payment options.


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