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David S Noyes Jr December 29, 2023
His team was both available and responsible to answer any questions. It was nice to feel as if I was working with someone trying to help me secure the right loan for my family, rather than a big bank that was only interested in the business.
Jacqueline Monteiro September 25, 2023
Working with Greg and his team was the best experience. While purchasing a home can be stressful and confusing Greg and his team did an excellent job making it stress free and clearly explaining everything to us. They were always available and answered all our questions with clear answers. No surprises in any area of the process and they were quick with everything. We would and will be recommending them to everyone we know.
Lauren E Bollman July 24, 2024
As first time home buyers this progress can be very stressful. Greg and his team helped us 100% of the way and answered any questions we may have had.
Erin Rogers July 22, 2024
Tim worked extra hard on this one! I think he drafted buyer estimated cost sheets for more than 2 dozen properties. My clients trusted him completely and that made a big difference when it came to talking with these clients about affordability, resell value, and investing in real estate.
R W Irizarry July 12, 2024
Holly had done an outstanding job processing the application and had reach out every time a change happened or a document was needed making the process smoother.