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pushpinder rattan February 3, 2021
Tony has been an awesome lender and a person. He not only got us the best rate but helped close our two properties in short time. One of the transaction was so difficult that he and his team kept the calm under pressure and helped us buy the property which would not be possible without him and his knowledge.He is genuine, patient and the most knowledgeable lender we have ever come across. We will always do business with him.
Nicole Hernandez June 9, 2020
Tony Mauer and his team are phenomenal. They seriously made the loan processes simple and stress-free. We were told by family, friends, and coworkers that the “Underwriting” process is the most stressful part but, Tony and his team made the whole process from start to finish incredibly smooth. They were great at answering our questions and were constantly communicating with us by phone, text messaging, and email. Tony, Thank you so much for helping us secure our mortgage loan within 3 weeks. You and your team are seriously AMAZING! We had a great experience! Ken and Nicole Hernandez
Caitlin March 6, 2020
Tony and his team are so awesome! Helped me with the purchase of my first home and owned it a year now, he reached out to refinance, got me a better rate and it all went smooth and was easy!