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Phil D November 22, 2021
After being a homeowner for many years but living in a townhouse across the country from my former home that I had been renting we decided to sell and buy a home in the PNW. After talking to my realtor she recommended using Tony and his team at Gaurenteed Rate. Up until this point my wife and I had bought two homes but they were from the builders as they were new construction. So fair to say this like like buying a home for the first time. Tony and his team were beside us the whole way and called to see how things were going from time to time. When the day finally came Tony pulled together the loan to close in 3 weeks. I was in my new home exactly 21 days from the time I saw it for the first time. Thank you Tony and your team for all your hard work! Phil and Jennie Davis
Reply from Tony Meuers: Thank you Phil and Jennie!
payn1017 October 16, 2021
I have worked with Tony over the last few months. Trying to purchase a house. He and his team did a great job. Great communication with him and his team. Everything went extremely smooth. I closed on time and had no issues. Very professional and got me a rate better then I expected.
Reply from Tony Meuers: Thanks Jeff!
Nikita Blinov October 1, 2021
I’ve had a Great experience with Tony M from the very beginning till the very end, would easily recommend to anybody. Thank you for helping me buy my first house! No hustle, nice and easy
Reply from Tony Meuers: Thank you Nikita!
David Curry September 1, 2021
I got Funded my first house a year ago With Tony and his Team, it was absolutely hands down 5 star service, I tried 3 other Mortage companies and they completely disappeared on me after running my credit and requesting information. But not Tony, He immediately got the ball rolling and made the whole process seamless, answered anytime I called with questions and knew all the ins and outs. Within 2 months My wife and our children where in our first home and I have never felt better. Until today when I just got told my refinance was funded, Within 1 year I had enough equity built up to get out of my FHA first time home buyer’s loan and get into a conventional at the Best rate! No more PMI, saved hundreds a month and I am so happy. Tony walked me through the whole process and even told me months prior when I asked if it was a good idea to refinance that it wasn’t the right time and had me wait….. He is absolutely out to save you money and get you the best deal… Not to line his pockets, He has proven that over and over. You absolutely must call Tony if you are looking to fund a mortgage or Refinance I guarantee you will be as happy as I am.
McRayde July 14, 2021
I still remember talking with Tony when I was shopping around looking for the right lender for us and he made the comment “I’m really good at what I do.” He wasn’t wrong! Great communicator, super knowledgeable, friendly and so easy to work with. Thanks for everything Tony.
Reply from Tony Meuers: Thanks Don!