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user2293107 March 25, 2015
Deanna helped me do my original mortgage on our primary residence. She was timely, actively involved in the process, and I felt that she personally acted as a business advocate for my family. Two years later she proactively helped us refinance the loan which improved our interest rate by three quarters of a percent as well as eliminating the bulk of the private mortgage insurance. She has been an impressive professional to work with, and I would offer my highest recommendation to anyone who is looking for assistance in understanding their mortgage options. She also has a team of trained professionals to support your case, and they are diligent in their work as well.
user819465 December 17, 2014
She and Karen Fuller, helped me get the best rate around with great customer service. I cannot say enough about how easy and fast the process was. They answered all questions of mine, were rapid with all responses and got me closed when purchasing and then later refinancing! I am a lifelong customer and very glad I can find such an honest, helpful, easy to work with group like Guild and Deanna!