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We firmly believe that the best way to handle mortgages is for the borrower to be actively involved in the process every step of the way. From choosing between loan programs to understanding negotiating terms, we're here to help you with anything you need.

Below are some of the most commonly utilized loan programs we offer...

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These loans have higher loan limits that help you purchase high-value property. Low down payments are possible.

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First-Time Homebuyer Click to open answer

There’s a Loan For You. Everyone deserves a home they love.

Thanks to our hundreds of loan options, the door is wide open for you to step inside your first home. We offer full service lending support from start to finish, so we’ll be there to guide you through this exciting new journey. Some of our popular loan options for first-time homebuyers are…

Conventional Offers flexible down payment options, or options allowing for no mortgage insurance premium.

FHA Caters to low-to-moderate income customers looking for a low minimum down payment.

USDA Finances rural and suburban properties with no down payment and a minimum qualifying credit score of 620.

VA Works for military veterans who are first-time homebuyers with limited savings for down payments and closing costs.

HomeOne Allows for a low down payment with no geographic or income restrictions.

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Dream Home Renovation Click to open answer

Apply for a Dream Home Renovation Loan Today

If you’re ready to get out of the rental rut, you’re ready for our Dream Home Renovation loan. This program allows you to find a great property that needs some work and transform it into the home of your dreams—all with one monthly payment.

Our Dream Home Renovation loan program…

  • Works for almost any renovation project
  • Allows you to start improvements without spending out of pocket
  • Provides financing based on the value of the property when finished
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Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Click to open answer

Apply Now for a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage

If you’re 62 years or older, our Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program could increase your monthly cash flow by allowing you to access your home equity without selling. The money can be used for any purpose, like paying down debt, home repairs, medical costs or just improving your lifestyle.

Our HECM loan programs…

  • Live in your home with no mortgage payments*
  • Choose to receive monthly payments, a lump sum of cash or a line of credit
  • Qualify with a poor credit score without raising your interest rate

*Borrowers must have the financial ability to pay ongoing property expenses including taxes, insurance or other homeowner’s assessments and fees.

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Down Payment Assistance Click to open answer

No Down Payment, No Problem Buy a home without spending all of your savings.

If you’re ready to buy a home but worry you don’t have enough saved for a down payment, we have a loan program that can help. The Chenoa Fund program is designed for homebuyers who have good credit and would like to keep their savings for a rainy day.

Features of the Chenoa Fund Program

  • Minimum qualifying credit score of 620
  • First mortgage must have a fixed interest rate and meet FHA guidelines
  • Second mortgage part of the sales price or appraised value
  • Receive a refund of earnest money deposit and other third-party costs
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VA Loans Click to open answer

VA loans help make homeownership more attainable for veterans and military service members. These loans are federally insured and available with no down payment.* Plus, they don’t require private mortgage insurance.

*Closing costs and fees may still apply.

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FHA Loans Click to open answer

FHA loans come with low down payment options and lenient credit requirements. These federally insured loans are designed to help more people achieve their homeownership goals.

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USDA Loans Click to open answer

USDA loans are government-insured loans that help people purchase homes in rural areas. These loans are often available with low or no down payment.*

*Closing costs and fees may still apply.

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Conventional Loans Click to open answer

Conventional loans offer affordable rates and flexible down payment options.

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