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To help you become aware of every aspect of your residential mortgage, our Mortgage Calculator can provide you with an accurate mortgage payment summary. It takes into account your home’s value, down payment, loan amount, and other relevant details.

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Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. offers a wide range of loan options. These include conventional loans and government-funded programs like FHA, VA, and USDA loans. We always have your best interest in mind and will find you the best option.

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Rely on our loan originators to find the most suitable loan programs and rates for your unique needs. Our decades of industry knowledge and experience allow us to confidently provide you tailored mortgage solutions.

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Your Trusted Mortgage Company in Severna Park MD

Primary Residential Mortgage takes pride in helping clients secure the most suitable mortgage program based on their unique personal circumstances. As a premier mortgage company in Severna Park, we make sure that your home loan experience is personal and positive. After all, you are our primary focus!

We help you with a wide range of residential mortgages:

  • Conventional Mortgage
  • Residential Mortgage
  • New Construction Financing for Veterans
  • New Construction Financing for First-Time Homebuyers

Our team successfully provides various loan programs and secures them for you. Our extensive local industry knowledge and years of experience enable us to do this in a simple, efficient way. Additionally, we work with many different types of borrowers including veterans and first-time homebuyers and strive to accommodate each client’s specific needs.

Regardless of what type of home loan you need, rest assured that we’ll help you secure it. You can trust our mortgage loan office in Severna Park MD to help fund your home purchase at the most competitive rates. Apply for a loan today.

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. is a nationally respected and locally connected mortgage lender. Our available loan options include conventional loans, reverse mortgages, VA loans, new construction financing, and many others.

Our mortgage lending company helps local clients secure the most ideal mortgage program to match their specific personal circumstances. We cater to everyone looking for a residential property, from first-time homebuyers to those looking to invest in a 2nd or vacation home.

We have earned the reputation of being a trusted and dependable mortgage lender because our primary focus is always on you. Our loan officers have extensive industry knowledge and years of experience to get you the best loans at competitive rates.


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