USDA Loans in San Antonio, Texas

USDA Loans


When it comes to choosing a mortgage, San Antonio residents have several options to explore. One that is often appealing is a USDA loan, or financing insured by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as lenders tend to offer advantageous mortgage rates and terms.

For USDA loans, the property being purchased must be in an eligible part of south-central Texas. These areas are defined as rural – but since the USDA considers any region populated by fewer than 35,000 to be rural, buying a home in the middle of nowhere isn’t a requirement. Certain spots in Bexar County fit the description, as do many areas close to San Antonio, so borrowers have plenty of choices. USDA mortgage loan lenders can help you determine what properties qualify for this program.

As for the benefits of a USDA-backed mortgage, those are many. For starters, eligible home buyers can finance 100 percent of the purchase price of a property with no money down. These loans come with lower-than-average interest rates and low mortgage insurance costs, too, and borrowers who have a low income or a less-than-stellar credit score can still qualify for the USDA program.

With a zero-down mortgage, you can realize your goal of becoming a homeowner sooner – and you won’t have to look too far outside of San Antonio to find properties that meet the requirements for a USDA loan. Nonetheless, exploring all of your borrowing options is smart, and the professional mortgage lender team at PRMI is ready to help. If you’re ready to buy a home, contact our mortgage company today!

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