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As a young child Stryder would go to the bank with his mom and it was always a great experience because the nice folks at the bank would always give him a lollipop. As he got a little older, Stryder was became fascinated by how economies grow and shape societies around them and the real world implications for the people living in them. In college he decided to continue studying the complex economic systems that keep our world moving and he received his bachelor degree from Hawaii Pacific University with a major in economics.

After graduation Stryder thought back to his experience with the lollipops and decided that the financial services industry was the perfect blend of his love for economics and personal connection with real humans. As a mortgage loan originator Stryder enjoys de-mystifying the lending process for his clients and partners and helping home buyers get into their new home. While he now prefers a good North West IPA to lollipops, Stryder continues to value and incorporate genuine care for everyone he works with into his business.

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