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Joshua D July 23, 2019
Not only did we and our builder have to resubmit paperwork multiple times due to lender and team losing our docs, they then conversated with our fellow employees about how our file should never have passed approval yet did not talk to us personally about it. So disrespectful and unprofessional. Overall extremely stressful and poor experience.
Ron N January 15, 2020
Paul and his team go above and beyond for their clients. There isn't a guy out there that better understands the ins and outs of home loans and the housing market. Paul makes things easy to understand and takes the time to explain complicating aspects of home buying. Highly recommend Paul to anyone buying a home.
Tyler H January 15, 2020
Paul has taken time to sit down with me several times to figure out exactly how to get the best loan when we are ready! He has so much expertise and is such a great guy!
Misty B January 15, 2020
I've closed numerous loans with Paul Anderson and his team. It's smooth and my clients are happy with their experience. I recommend even if you have a lender to at least get a second opinion. Being a Boise Native Paul understands the market and how important it is to treat people honestly and fairly.
David Myers February 12, 2018
Paul and his team, including David who did a lot of the behind the scenes legwork, were a pleasure to work with. having moved from out of state, I was not completely educated on the mortgage process in Idaho, and Paul and David were there every step of the way to make it a seamless process. Communication could not have been better ... always timely, clear, and they told me exactly what they needed from me. Highly recommend, with no reservations.