2-1 Temporary Rate Buydown

Get Two Years of Lower Payments With Our 2/1 Buydown Program 

Our 2/1 temporary buydown program lets you make lower payments for the first two years of your mortgage.* Pay the equivalent of up to 2% less than the national 30-year fixed rate for two years. Once the two years are over, your payment will rise to the note rate.


2/1 Buydown Annual Savings Example with 7.25% rate**

Loan AmountYear 1 (5.5%) Year 2 (6.5%)
$400,000$6,240 annual savings$3,120 annual savings
$500,000 $7,800 annual savings $3,984 annual savings
$600,000$9,360 annual savings$4,068 annual savings

**This example does not include taxes, insurance and other fees. The example is based on a 30-year fixed conventional mortgage loan for a single-family owner-occupied property with 7.45% APR, a $400,000–$600,000 loan amount, and 15% down.


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*The consumer must qualify for the mortgage loan using the non-subsidized mortgage payment. The temporary buydown program refers to a builder/seller funded payment subsidy which is applied to the P&I payment on a monthly basis until the end or the 2-year subsidy period. PRMI is offering a third party buydown, not reflected in the credit contract. The funds and lowered payments are NOT disclosed on the LE or the Note. The buydown funds are disclosed on the Closing Disclosure, as paid by others. The funds are used by the servicer to “subsidize” the payments for the first two years.