Colorado Conforming Loan Limits for 2022

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has just increased the amount of money that can be borrowed through a standard home loan to more than $647K*. In some areas in Colorado, the limit is even higher. The new limits will take effect in 2022.

This is great news for buyers and owners alike.

  • Buyers may be able to borrow more money through a conventional, typically lower-rate loan.
  • Owners may be able to refinance their "jumbo" loan to a lower rate conforming loan and possibly drop mortgage insurance, too.
  • Combining (or avoiding) smaller 1st and 2nd mortgages may now be an option.
  • The increase reaffirms the health of the housing market and your decision to invest in a home.

Here are the specifics about the change:

  • The standard loan limit, also known as the conforming loan limit, rose by 18% to a maximum of $647,200 in most counties in Colorado.
  • The percentage increase is equal to the national appreciation average over the last year.
  • This is the 6th year in a row that the FHFA has raised the limit, after a decade of no increases. The limit has risen more than $230K over six years.

Curious about limits in your county or other areas? Check out the table below. We'll update it as limits change, so bookmark it for future reference if you'd like.

*Loan limit increase is only valid for 30-year loans. High-cost areas include mainland states with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.

† When it comes it comes to refinancing your home loan, you can generally reduce your monthly payment; however, total finance charges may be higher over the life of your mortgage loan.

County NameOne-Unit (Single-Family)Two-Unit (Duplex)Three-Unit (Triplex)Four-Unit (Multi-Plex)
ADAMS COUNTY$684,250$875,950$1,058,850$1,315,900
ALAMOSA COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
ARAPAHOE COUNTY$684,250$875,950$1,058,850$1,315,900
ARCHULETA COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
BACA COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
BENT COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
BOULDER COUNTY$747,500$956,950$1,156,700$1,437,500
BROOMFIELD COUNTY$684,250$875,950$1,058,850$1,315,900
CHAFFEE COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
CHEYENNE COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
CLEAR CREEK COUNTY$684,250$875,950$1,058,850$1,315,900
CONEJOS COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
COSTILLA COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
CROWLEY COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
CUSTER COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
DELTA COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
DENVER COUNTY$684,250$875,950$1,058,850$1,315,900
DOLORES COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
DOUGLAS COUNTY$684,250$875,950$1,058,850$1,315,900
EAGLE COUNTY$862,500$1,104,150$1,334,700$1,658,700
EL PASO COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
ELBERT COUNTY$684,250$875,950$1,058,850$1,315,900
FREMONT COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
GARFIELD COUNTY$856,750$1,096,800$1,325,800$1,647,650
GILPIN COUNTY$684,250$875,950$1,058,850$1,315,900
GRAND COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
GUNNISON COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
HINSDALE COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
HUERFANO COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
JACKSON COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
JEFFERSON COUNTY$684,250$875,950$1,058,850$1,315,900
KIOWA COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
KIT CARSON COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
LA PLATA COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
LAKE COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
LARIMER COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
LAS ANIMAS COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
LINCOLN COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
LOGAN COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
MESA COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
MINERAL COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
MOFFAT COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
MONTEZUMA COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
MONTROSE COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
MORGAN COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
OTERO COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
OURAY COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
PARK COUNTY$684,250$875,950$1,058,850$1,315,900
PHILLIPS COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
PITKIN COUNTY$856,750$1,096,800$1,325,800$1,647,650
PROWERS COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
PUEBLO COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
RIO BLANCO COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
RIO GRANDE COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
ROUTT COUNTY$678,500$868,600$1,049,950$1,304,850
SAGUACHE COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
SAN JUAN COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
SAN MIGUEL COUNTY$756,700$968,700$1,170,950$1,455,200
SEDGWICK COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
SUMMIT COUNTY$822,375$1,053,000$1,272,750$1,581,750
TELLER COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
WASHINGTON COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
WELD COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850
YUMA COUNTY$647,200$828,700$1,001,650$1,244,850

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