Our Process


We assist in Purchasing or Refinancing your home loan.  Today’s financing landscape is extremely challenging and most offers to purchase will not be accepted without an accompanying letter from the lender stating that you have made application. Most refinances fail to close timely and in the proper product to meet your financial goals. Our team will get you pre-qualified and provide you with a priority home buyer letter within 24 hours of completing application. We will also discuss all your loan options, finance planning and current interest rates that are available for each program. A majority of our business is referred to us because of our expertise in managing debt, program matching, and our concierge services.


Pre-qualification & Plan Review


The first step is to call us at 615-553-5700 to discuss your goals and planning for your home loan. If it looks like we are a good fit, we will have you start your process by completing the online application (we are also happy to meet if you prefer to do this step in person). Once you complete the application, it will go directly to Bryan who will then review your credit history, income, employment history, and evaluate your current assets for down payment requirements if needed. A pre-qualification letter or recommendation will be sent within 24 hours. We highly recommend reviewing each tab on this website for all features and services we provide.  Be sure to visit our Resources Page for our Smart Phone APP and other tools helpful to your financing.


Set Up


Once you receive your loan pre-qualification, you will have detailed instructions emailed to you allowing you in most cases to 'e-sign' your application (some government loans require you to print and wet sign). You will also be able to upload items needed to process your loan on our secured site.  You can log in to upload documents at any time during the process by clicking here and then selecting the upload box link.  We will follow up with you to ensure your application details are complete and your file is set up to start the process efficiently.  We will also order your appraisal, title work, and any verifications once your documents are in. Bryan will then be able to start watching the market to lock in your interest rate.


During the Process


Once your file has been set up, a team member will let processing know that your file is ready for the process.  Michele is your Loan Concierge and will assist you through the process.  She will do a complete review while we wait on inspections and verifications to come back and send you a welcome email within 48 hours from the time she receives your file.  One of the industry’s biggest complaints is asking for the same information over and over again. While we do have traditional processing and underwriting in-house, we solve this complaint by adding an additional step to the process. Unlike most lenders who use processors to communicate, we provide a Concierge Specialist to be your main point of contact. She will make sure that weekly updates to all involved parties every Tuesday are provided. She also works with processing and underwriting to ensure a smooth closing.




Once the loan commitment has been issued (which means appraisal, title, and all requested verifications, payoffs, and documents from you are in and cleared by underwriting) all parties to the transaction including the buyer, seller, and realtors convene at the closing attorney’s office to sign the documents required for transferring ownership of the property. The Bryan Little Group provides a Closing Disclosure to the borrowers 72 hours before closing to ensure a timely and positive experience at closing. Please view the details on the Concierge page to learn more about our On-Time Closing Guarantee that no other lender offers.

Before, During & After


Unlike most lenders, instead of spending money on looking for new clients, we spend our marketing dollars on staff and services for our clients to provide the best experience possible during this process. In turn, we depend on our clients to refer us.  If we exceed your expectations please be sure to mention us.  You will run into a lot of friends, family, and co-workers during or after your process that could use our services so please be sure to mention us!  Thanks in advance, we can always use your help!