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About PRMI Lake Dallas

A resort community on the shores of Lewisville, the city of Lake Dallas boasts a thriving, family-friendly community. Because of its lakeside location, various recreational and tourism assets support the community and provide a profitable business base.

A majority of Lake Dallas residents own their own homes. With the city having a suburban feel, it’s no wonder families are putting down roots here. If Lake Dallas seems like the ideal place for you, why not check out the available properties? PRMI Lake Dallas is here to assist you with your home loan application.

We are a licensed mortgage lending company operating in Texas and California. Our team of loan specialists has over 35 years of combined experience helping people from various backgrounds and financial situations apply for the best available home loan programs.

Why Work with PRMI Lake Dallas?

One of the biggest obstacles to owning a home is one’s financial health. You may have a low credit score or little to no savings. But don’t let these challenges stop you from realizing your dream of home ownership. We can help.

At PRMI Lake Dallas, we’re eager to offer assistance to any aspiring homeowner looking for the right mortgage program. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, are planning on building your dream house, or want to refinance an existing mortgage, we can make the process easier.

We have become a trusted, award-winning mortgage lending company in Lake Dallas because we offer personalized assistance to each client. What’s more, we’ve evolved with time, using technology to make the loan application process easier. Our very own platform, ClickApproval™, streamlines the mortgage application process so you can get approved faster.

With innovation and our team’s knowledge, applying for a home loan is easier than ever.

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