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Jaquelin G September 3, 2020
We had a great experience with Scott. He is extremely helpful and professional. He walks you through every step and answers all questions with the best intent. He is the best at what he does!
Dauna J August 24, 2020
Scott is easy to work with, professional, personable and quick to respond. I refer to Scott on a regular basis.
Keith L August 5, 2020
K. Scott Crawford is knowledgeable and trustworthy, which are important virtues in a Loan Officer. He sensed I could get a lower interest rate, so held my information until, sure enough, they went down to what I wanted. As we processed the various stages of the refinance, Scott was always available to explain, and I trusted when the dust settled I would wind up where he shared I would when we started. No bate-and-switch. I have already recommended Scott to several friends.
Travis J July 24, 2020
Mr. Crawford and the company that he works for was able to obtain the mortgage that I needed where other companies in the area could not. The agent was knowledgeable in his area and I was grateful for the expertise and direction he was able to offer.
Jessica C July 15, 2020
K. Scott Crawford is amazing as what he does! He kept us constantly updated on what was going on. His experience and knowledge in what he does is evident. We are extremely pleased with our overall experience with Crawford.