Why PRMI? More Like Why Not!



Your search for a mortgage company that respects your opinions, supports your needs, and aligns with your vision, ends when your partnership with PRMI begins. PRMI has a simple, but powerful plan that is guided by a clear and focused vision to find the best and most enterprising mortgage professionals in the industry, and provide them with an unmatched opportunity to grow themselves and their business.

As a PRMI mortgage professional, you will partner with one of the nation's fastest growing mortgage lenders, without foregoing the entrepreneurial spirit and the power of choice that is at the heart of so much of your professional and personal success. We believe that there is no greater recipe for success in real estate finance than to combine the entrepreneurial instincts of the industry's best originators with the financial strength, connectivity, and innovative thinking of a corporate office that exists to enable its originating partners' personal and professional success.


Here are just some of the benefits you will enjoy.


Industry Leading Compensation


PRMI is independently owned. That means we make financial decisions that make sense, like investing in the people who invest in us. 

Local Operations Team


We believe in local Processing, Underwriting and Closing to service your customers needs.


Executive Leadership


One of the best traits about our leadership team is their in-depth, personal knowledge and experience concerning the daily needs of the Loan Originator and Branch Manager.


Cutting Edge Technology


At PRMI, we invest in technology that enhances personal interactions, allows for seamless borrower connectivity and builds better relationships with industry partners.

Marketing Support


From local on site marketing support to national level public relations and advertising we have you covered.

Financial Security


PRMI was founded on the principle of fiscal responsibility. This has kept us strong and independent for 20 years.


“As a former broker, one of the things you fear most about working for someone else is giving up control. With PRMI, not only do I have more control than I thought possible, but the support I get minimizes time spent on things like HR and compliance. This frees me up to do what I do best: sell loans. Since I’ve been with PRMI, we’ve increased our production every year.”


Craig Pollard, Branch Manager