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At PRMI, we play the long game, and our growth is sustainable. Your career is too. Whether you choose to work within an established branch, move into our Elite Program or have ambitions to start your own local branch, we can support you.

Mortgage Loan Originators


This plan is for Loan Originators that are not yet ready to manage their own financials, and acts as a stepping stone to help get them there. This is our standard plan which varies from 80 to 150 basis points.


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PRMI Elite Program


Loan Originators that consistently fund more than three units a month qualify for our Elite program. It's a program that puts you, the Originator, in control: In control of your pricing, your spending, your compensation and your bottom line.


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Branch Manager


Maybe you want your own location. Maybe you want to recruit and build a staff. We can help you reach the next level, whether you currently operate a branch with an amazing team or if you have have some operations staff want to take the next step in your career.


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“In all my 25 years in the mortgage industry, I have not had a better fit for my business and production than PRMI. Nobody knows what the future holds, but if the future is anything like the past I have enjoyed here, it is going to be very bright.”


Dave deSousa, Branch Manager