Employee Spotlight - Anthony Poteet

Aug 6, 2020 01:57 PM

by: Hendersonville Branch

Q: Introduce yourself. 

AP: I am Anthony Poteet and I have worked with PRMI almost 2 years now. I am a father of 4, a husband, and a dedicated advocate for foster families in our community.

Q: What role do you play in PRMI’s office? 

AP: I am a senior Loan Originator and all around “Class Clown”.

Q: What 3 words would best describe your personality? 

AP: Excellent question. Hmmmm, that is like asking a rainbow to pick its favorite color. Can’t be done.

Q: What’s your best personal trait?

AP: Honesty, I believe in complete up front discussions. I lay out all options and various roads that can be taken. Some of those may not even include something I can do, but it is simply the right thing to do for clients.

Q: What do you think is PRMI’s most valuable service we provide? 

AP: A top notch team. We have the experts on our team that know how to get things done correctly, and on time. 

Q: What makes you stand out from our competition? 

AP: Low pressure environment. I do not sell loans to people, I “Sell” service. I am looking to help people find a home, not sell them a mortgage. Anyone can close mortgages, but not everyone can ensure that the client has a low stress and friendly experience. 

Q: What’s your Hobbies and your favorite thing about your hobbies?

AP: I run a non profit in my free time, helping foster families in our communities. Seeing children be placed in stable environments with a chance to succeed is what makes my world go round. I also love to hike and just slow the world down a little.

Q: What makes PRMI your home? 

AP: Having flexible options. I don’t ever feel pressure to put the company above my family. That is very important to me.

Q: What is your favorite part of your day? 

AP: Morning coffee. I love to get a little “Entry” time into my day getting started.

Q: Tell us your funniest/most embarrassing PRMI work moment.

AP: My first April 1 day working for PRMI, my boss told me I had a message from a Ronald asking about his loan.  He gave me the number, I called it and it was Mcdonalds. RONALD MCDONALD. April fools!

Q: If you weren’t working at PRMI, what would you be doing? 

AP: I would be running my own business.

Q: Who is an inspiration to you? 

AP: Bugs Bunny. He always seems to take high pressure situations and moves through them like a hot knife through butter. Never stressed out, never panics, never overreacts, just looks trouble in the eye, and says “What’s up Doc?”. What more could you ask for?

Q: If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

AP: Hmmmmm, again excellent question, but I think I would want to hang out with Brad Pitt. I know, random.

Q: Guilty pleasure? 

AP: Movies, I love watching movies and checking out for a while.

Q: Favorite thing to do while in Nashville?

AP: I love checking out local restaurants not chainy ones, the local off the beaten path dives.

Q: You have an unlimited budget and can live anywhere in the world – where would it be?

AP: Since I can live anywhere, I actually choose two places. First Choice, Tybee Island, Georgia. I love the beach, and I don’t like touristy. My personality is calm, I like a calm beach, with few people, and a great view, Tybee is the best. Second Choice is Montana at the base of the Rockies. Wide open spaces, fresh air, clear skies. I may call out tomorrow and make a drive.

Q: Your favorite meal of all time?

AP: I am easy, give me a good pizza. I mean a real, 100% authentic, not made at Papa Johns pizza, either New York or Chicago pizza. Man, nothing compares.

Q: Favorite holiday?

AP: Valentine’s Day and my kids Birthdays. I love pampering my wife and letting her know how important she is, and I love being able to provide for my kids.

Q: What makes a home to you?

AP: A sense of safety, stability, love, and compassion. When I walk through the door, I want to feel like I belong there. When I bought my home, I had lived in an apartment for 3 years prior. The first morning, I sat on the front porch drinking coffee, and I got up and started working the flower bed, I can still smell that day. It was perfect.

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