About PRMI Flower Mound, Texas

Our Branch: PRMI Flower Mound, TX

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. has been helping people all over the country achieve their dream of homeownership. We are proud to bring the company’s mortgage lending service to residents of Flower Mound, Texas and the greater Dallas area.

Why We’re Different

Our goal is to help you find a mortgage solution that will benefit you in the long term. Securing the initial down payment and mortgage is just the beginning. A more important concern will emerge after you move into your new home:

Will you be able to afford your monthly amortizations in the next fifteen to thirty years?

PRMI Flower Mound, TX helps you become a homeowner without compromising your financial security. Count on our experienced mortgage loan officers to recommend home loans and programs that will give you the best advantages. More importantly, we’ll help you make sure your homeownership won’t be at risk for the duration of your mortgage term.

More than a Mortgage Lender

As a leading PRMI branch, we focus on giving you mortgage options based on your financial portfolio. More than that, we make it our mission to help you achieve financial security for your family. If you have a lower credit score, we’ll explore all possible options for you to become a homeowner until we find the best one. Finally, if we see that the home you’ve set your sights on could become a future liability, we’ll tell you our honest assessment and make sure you’re doing what’s right for you and your family.

Our team makes it a goal to help clients quickly and whenever it is needed. Get in touch with PRMI Flower Mound, TX today.

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