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MIKA C H February 4, 2022
From the very first call until after closing, Diedra and her team was incredible. They were efficient, professional, thorough, and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process.
Marcus S W January 27, 2022
Clean , professional , very little stress.
Likisha D. N January 21, 2022
Diedra made our home buying process run extremely smooth and stress free. She was very well organized and knowledgeable. We definitely would work with her again and will recommend her to friends and family.
Dayo L December 21, 2021
Diedra was great. As a new home buyer, I did often found myself confused about things are would be common knowledge for someone who has been through the process before. Communication could be better. I would use her service in the future now that I’ve been through the process
Thibaut T December 13, 2021
The day before closing, I was asked to provide a November bank account transaction history, which then changed to a request for proof of payment of my car loan. My Mortgage loan had not yet been approved-still showing online as being in the underwriting phase- and I still had not seen a copy of the appraisal; Thus, I did not know what my home was worth the day before closing. All those steps should have been completed and my loan approved a week or two before closing. It took my emailing all of Ms. Schaefer's managers to voice my concern, the night before closing, to finally obtain a copy of the appraisal from her. She told me some corrections were needed on the initial appraisal, that's why the final copy was not ready. That same night, after talking to a manager who assured me my loan had been cleared by the underwriter and that only a few minor formalities were required before completion, I initially intended to let go of my frustration and leave a mitigated review. However, on the day of closing, a series of events unraveled that really sealed my anger and disappointment with this entire experience with PRMI. While we were at the closing table, PRMI called my wife's job to verify her employment status for the months leading up to closing. In addition, while it was scheduled at 01:00 pm, the closing did not start until about 04:20 pm and ended at 06:30 pm, delayed by an issue with the occupancy permit. After seating at the closing table for nearly two hours, Ms. Schaefer called and explained the underwriter could not clear the loan until evidence of the occupancy permit was provided by a county office, and also until the necessary corrections were made to the appraisal document. She was thereby shifting the blame for the delay on the county office and appraiser. One of our neighbors, three houses down the same row as us, that was scheduled at 02:00pm closed and left while we sat there and waited for long hours. Once again, all of those issues should have been resolved weeks ahead of closing, and I am still baffled by the abysmal service we received.