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William B March 21, 2023
I am writing to express my disappointment in the unprofessionalism by Diedra Schaefer, an agent of PRMI (Primary Residential Mortgage Inc). I recently contacted her regarding a future home purchase and the agent failed to ask on an estimated timeframe I intended to purchase a home, which would have helped her realize there was no urgency to place a HARD PULL on my credit, especially without receiving any of the documents she requested of me. I was never asked for verbal or written consent to run my credit before doing so. Agents should inform clients before running a soft or hard pull, especially in today’s times when credit is so vital on getting the best rates for homes, cars, loans etc. I believe it should be, if not already, be a basic courtesy and common practice in the industry to fully inform potential clients before running any credit checks. I do take some responsibility for not informing on a timeframe due to being overwhelmed, but the agent should always ask and inform potential clients “everytime” before running their credit. Such unprofessionalism should not be tolerated in any business and I believe that Diedra Schaefer should be held accountable for her actions. W.Bennett New York, NY
Tatiana J March 18, 2023
Very professional,communication is top.
Taylor P March 15, 2023
Diedra Diane Schaefer was very impressive. Not one time I called her she was always able to help me and tell me the right answer. Diedra was very professional, can I say extraordinary and nice every single time.
Reply from Diedra Schaefer: Congratulations on your New Home! We loved working with you an Tatiana!
Krystal C March 15, 2023
The entire team was amazing and very responsive! They kept me in the loop the entire time !
Reply from Diedra Schaefer: Thank you so much! You were amazing to work with! We'd love to work with any of family, friends or co-workers looking to buy a home as well!
Donald L March 4, 2023
Cos you made our dream come true true within a shorter time