Our Mortgage Loan Officers

Over 20 Years in Home Financing

Trust the experience of the mortgage lenders at PRMI Federal Way. We help homebuyers achieve their goals of finding the home loan that secures them their dream house.

National Power, Local Presence

Our mortgage company offers clients the benefits of a large, national corporation coupled with the perks of working with a small, local branch.

Over 300 Loan Products

Trust our mortgage lenders’ knowledge of the vast array of home loans available to match you with the best mortgage program for you.

Setting You Up for a Stronger Future

Our mortgage lenders work with you to find the mortgage program that’s best for you. We want you to feel good about closing on your home — not worried. We run the numbers with you ahead of time and show you just how much your monthly mortgage payment will be, so you can be sure you’re comfortable with it and it feels affordable to you. Your new home is your investment in your future.