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Carson G November 7, 2023
Excellent service and timely response on getting stuff done!
Reply from The Nick Barta Team | Division President | Security First Financial: Thank you Carson. We were glad to assist you with your home purchase. Enjoy your new home!
Alysse R November 5, 2023
Communication could have been a lot better, with us, our realtor & the other people in the office. It was incredibly frustrating to be asked for the same information over 4 times because no one communicated with each other. As a first time home buyer it made me feel very uneasy when I couldn't get anyone to explain what certain terms ment. It always felt like they were saying the same thing over and over and the 5th time I'd ask they would finally explain it in layman's terms. Things went smoothly other than those issues.
David D November 5, 2023
The total process was not horrible. As a first time home buyer there were areas of uncertainty and naturally I needed reassurance and often asked for things to be put in layman’s terms which is not a problem. The issue was I left the last lender due to lack of clear communication with the promise that my experience would be different. It was the first few days. As a person with great credit, Well paying government job & money/community support I figured my profile is ideal and easy; but, there was times I felt like they didn’t believe I had the money and was questioned/pressured about the earnest and closing (it was never an issue I just wanted to get the right figures/shop for the lowest monthly as well as get any assistance so I can keep more money in my pocket) plus, I haven’t done my taxes and it was assumed that I owe and he didn’t want to move forward or apply the $14k in concessions towards the purchase price because I probably will owe. (Which I didn’t) but, I think that attributed to the lack of prioritization as I feel maybe they thought it was a risky profile?. There were times I emailed documents that were overlooked, I text and didn’t get responses or called with the same response. At one point I sent messages asking if I can get a return call and even had my realtor call and he received the same lack of response to the point I was encouraged to find a new lender but, at that time the interest rates already increased which would mean a higher mortgage payment. All in all - it went through and I got my place. However, throughout the process I often thought I wonder if I was a middle age person with less melanin would my communication be limited to text and email? Or would I receive phone calls and check ins regularly about the process? I submitted all the necessary docs the same day or the next day and the last round of docs needed for closing was submitted about 16 days before closing - and we didn’t get an official green light until three days before as they just started reviewing those docs and submitting them days before. So, again, it was my first time. However, it wasn’t the most secure feeling going in as it was so many unknowns and all I wanted was clarity, transparency and being straightforward with where I stood which starts by answering the phone, communicating beyond text or email. And lastly, your client should never have to chase you down or you sound nonchalant when answering. ESPECIALLY when you have a GREAT credit score, make $83k a year, borrowing less than what I’m qualified to borrow and have the money, community support and FHA. This should’ve been a cake walk. All in all… I got the place, I’m happy now. I wish the process was more personable.. would’ve been nice to meet the lenders etc.
Sharon P November 1, 2023
I had a great experience the team were phenomenal help me through the whole process communicated I’m very happy
Reply from The Nick Barta Team | Division President | Security First Financial: Thank you Sharon. We are very glad we could help. Enjoy your new home.
Alonso T October 31, 2023
I was really pleased with the help of Nick. He made the process very smooth and easy for me being a first time home buyer. He would keep in touch with me and make sure that everything that had to be done was being met by the deadlines.
Reply from The Nick Barta Team | Division President | Security First Financial: Thank you Alonso. We appreciate you letting us be part of your home buying journey. Please let us know if you need anything down the road.

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