Sustainable Mortgage Options in California

Primary Residential Mortgage offers an extensive selection of mortgage programs in California to address the different home-buying needs of our customers. We offer specialized help to borrowers not only in the Fresno area but also surrounding areas such as Paso Robles, Silicon Valley, Orange County, Beverly Hills, Tucson. Those who prefer the traditional route can choose a fixed rate loan term anywhere between 10 and 30 year; while others looking for more flexible terms may opt for adjustable-rate or graduate-payment mortgages or even our exclusive All-In-One accelerator loan.

Browse the abbreviated list of mortgages we offer to get an overview of your options and see what may work best for you.

Jumbo Loan Click to open answer

For our high-net-worth clientele seeking a luxury property, PRMI offers a range of jumbo loans catering to the affluent. These loans have unique qualifying criteria, offer low down payments, and amounts up to $3 million. Contact a PRMI wealth manager today for a private consultation. Set Up Your Account

Renovation Loan Click to open answer

Ever find that perfect neighborhood only to discover the house for sale is in need of some TLC? Not to worry, PRMI offers renovation loans that give you the funds to purchase that home and remodel it into the home of your dreams. Use this for simple work like paint, flooring and windows, or for more complex jobs like adding an entire second story or putting a new roof on. Whatever your vision is, a renovation loan from PRMI offers you the chance to realize it. Call our renovation specialists today and see how renovation can work for you.
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Construction Loan Click to open answer

Construction loans are available for California borrowers who would rather build their own home than find an existing one. Our true “one time close” process allow borrowers to buy the land, build their dream home, and get their mortgage all in one convenient package. These custom construction loans eliminate the need to requalify for each segment in the process, thereby reducing time and money while minimizing fallout.
PRMI offers an array of construction options via Conventional, FHA, or VA programs. Call today to learn more about the right construction loan option for you.
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Reverse Mortgage Click to open answer

Homeowners age 62 and older can borrow against the equity of their home through a reverse mortgage. These extra funds may be used to pay medical bills, home improvements, debts, taxes and other living expenses; and best of all, you still retain ownership of your home without the burden of making a mortgage payment.* You may also purchase a home using a reverse mortgage. If you are interested in a reverse mortgage in California, contact us today to learn more.
*Property taxes, insurance, and HOA dues may still be required to be paid by the homeowner
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Down Payment Assistance Click to open answer

Are you a little short on cash? Worried you cannot save enough to buy? PRMI is committed to helping low-to-moderate-income first-time homebuyers realize their dreams with a host of specialized loans that can be used for down payment and closing cost assistance. Contact our home loan specialists to learn more.
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Mortgage Pre-Qualification Click to open answer

Looking for the perfect home can be very demanding and time consuming.  In today’s competitive market, many homes don’t last long at all and can have multiple offers.  One thing buyers can do to help cut down on the stress is to get pre-qualified for a mortgage.  If you are in California and wanting to get pre-qualified for a mortgage, give our team a call.  We can help you determine what amount you qualify for so that everything is in place and ready to go once you do find that dream home.
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Refinance Click to open answer

When done strategically, a mortgage refinance may reduce interest rates, monthly payments and/or lead to a shorter loan term; however, if you miscalculate, refinancing may actually increase your debt. PRMI is here to help advise you and determine whether a mortgage refinance is the best decision for your unique situation. Sometimes refinancing involves more than just lowering your mortgage payment. It may also eliminate costly mortgage insurance, consolidate high interest consumer debts, add prepayment reinvestment strategies, and other techniques that free up valuable monthly cash flow. We have helped many California borrowers find financial solutions through refinance their mortgages.  Get in touch with our team today to see which strategy is right for you. 
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First-Time Homebuyer Loan Click to open answer

California offer various loan programs for first-time home buyers.  The states typically define first-time homebuyers as those who haven’t owned their own house in the last three years. This means that if you’ve owned a home but sold it more than three years ago, California may consider you a first-time homebuyer. Arizona even has first-time homebuyer programs without the three year restriction. PRMI helps you weigh your options and choose the best one for you.  If you are interested in looking at options for first time homebuyer loans in Fresno, Paso Robles, Silicon Valley, Orange County, Beverly Hills, or anywhere else in CA, contact us today to see if you qualify for one of these great loan options. Set Up Your Account

VA Loan Click to open answer

Former and active military members can apply for a VA loan, if they meet the service, credit and income requirements. VA loans have zero down payments, competitive mortgage rates and low closing costs. The spouses of military service members who died in the line of duty may also be eligible.  We assist many borrowers throughout California with VA loans.  Contact us today to learn more about the great program to help honor our military heroes. 
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FHA Loan Click to open answer

Those who have lower credit scores, are first time homebuyers or find themselves in a tight financial situation can turn to the Federal Housing Association’s home-loan program. FHA loans are designed for low-to-moderate earners, so these have favorable rates and lower down payment requirements. PRMI helps you fulfill the requirements and navigate the application process.  If you are interested in learning more about an FHA loan in Fresno or anywhere else in California, talk to one of our mortgage specialists today.
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USDA Loan Click to open answer

Homebuyers who want to purchase property in an eligible rural area can apply for a USDA loan. This low-premium mortgage program requires no down payment, has competitive interest rates and flexible credit requirements, and is ideal for low-to-medium-income earners. Many properties in the Central Valley can qualify for a USDA loan.  Our local specialists will walk you through the requirements and application process.  If you are a borrower interested in applying for USDA Loan in California, contact us today to see if you qualify.
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Conventional Mortgage Click to open answer

Conventional mortgages are a very popular option for homebuyers who want their payment amount and interest rate to remain constant for the life of their loan.  Conventional mortgages generally offer lower costs than other types of loans but can also have more stringent requirement and guidelines.  If you are interested in a 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30-year fixed rate conventional loan, contact one of our specialists at PRMI today.  We have helped countless borrowers in California with conventional home loans. 
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