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At Primary Residential Mortgage, our goal is to ensure that every California resident has the opportunity to turn his or her homeownership dreams into a reality. Our team of specialists have specialized knowledge of the local markets and mortgage processes, making it easier and faster for you. We have helped countless borrowers from Fresno, Silicon Valley, Orange County,  and everywhere in between. Experience why so many have come to trust our team with one of the most important financial decisions they will ever make.


Sustainable Home Ownership Planning


PRMI offers a range of mortgage programs to suit your specific needs. Tell us about your life goals, financial situation and desired living setup, and we’ll help you select the most suitable home loan program for you.

Our journey begins with your dreams becoming a reality. Not only will we craft the right mortgage plan for you but we will actively manage your loan portfolio and proactively alert you to money-saving opportunities that may arise in the future. Isn’t nice to know you have a friend looking out for your best interests?

You’re not just a customer but a friend. We’ve helped countless individuals and families just like you achieve the dream of homeownership. Let us help you as well.


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