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We offer hundreds of loan options so you can find the financing that works for your specific goals. See some of our popular loan options below.

VA Loans Click to open answer

Are you in the military and looking for VA loan options? Look no further than the mortgage experts at PRMI in Brownsville, TX! Call now or visit our website! Find Your Loan Originator

FHA Loans Click to open answer

PRMI in Brownsville, TX has amazing mortgage options for everyone! If you're looking to purchase your first home! Check out our FHA loans by clicking here! Find Your Loan Originator

USDA Loans Click to open answer

USDA loans offer considerable benefits to residents in Brownsville, TX who want to buy a home in an eligible area. Contact Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. Find Your Loan Originator

Conventional Loans Click to open answer

If you're looking for a conventional loan for a mortgage in Brownsville, TX check out PRMI's website to see all the different mortgage options that we offer! Find Your Loan Originator

Jumbo Loans Click to open answer

For anyone who wants to purchase a high-value home or large loan in Brownsville, Texas, a jumbo loan or non-conforming mortgage can be the solution. Call PRMI! Find Your Loan Originator

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