Entrepreneurial Freedom

PRMI believes in entrepreneurial freedom. We know you’re great at what you do, so we give you the freedom you need to control the direction of your business and your future. You manage your team, drive your own growth and operate the way you see fit.

Over 80% of our files are processed and underwritten locally, and over 50% close locally too. Plus, our case–by-case underwriting policy means no file is ever denied without a personal call from the underwriter.

    80% of files are processed and underwritten locally

    50% of files close locally

    Case-by-case underwriting philosophy

    180-day rate lock



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“As a former broker, one of the things you fear most about working for someone else is giving up control. With PRMI, not only do I have more control than I thought possible, but the support I get minimizes time spent on things like HR and compliance. This frees me up to do what I do best: sell loans. Since I’ve been with PRMI, we’ve increased our production every year.”


Craig Pollard, Branch Manager

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We’ve launched dozens of independent branches across the nation, from single person offices to fully staffed branches. You provide the winning team and the drive to succeed; we’ll set up the CRM systems, establish HR services, maintain compliance, provide marketing content and give you the support you need to scale up.

Once you’re up and running, you can be as independent as you like, with your own in-house underwriting, processing and more. And if you want to rely on us for support, we’re here when you need us.