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Alexa K D August 14, 2017
She was absolutely amazing at explaining EVERYTHING in clear detail and always being available to talk anything through. She reassured me many time and made me feel like every decision we made was always in the best interest of me. Thank you so much Nicole!
Colin S T August 12, 2017
After several months of working closely with me and my family, adjusting on the fly to our various whims, and pulling out all the stops to make sure we made closing on time, I can say without hesitation or qualification that Nicole is a rock star and will recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home in Seattle.
Barbara J M June 22, 2017
Nicole is fun. Even though the refi hit the skids MANY, MANY times, Nicole was great to talk to EVERY time! She made me laugh even when I wanted to pull my hair out. Imagine that!!
Dylan M D May 21, 2017
Nicole and her team were so friendly, helpful, patient and understanding with us as we worked our way through the refinancing process. It made the whole experience pleasant and a whole lot less stressful than we were expecting. This is our second time working with Nicole and we will certainly request her services again in the future.
Steven M H April 25, 2017