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Janet M H January 4, 2024
Amy herself was great! There were several parts of the process, however, that involved people that were less competent than Amy.
Reply from Amy Fichter: Dear Janet, Thank you for your feedback. I always say that we all know someone who has a horror story about when they got a mortgage. This is because it's a complicated process with a lot of moving parts and a lot of different individuals. This process requires a lot of expertise and constant communication and if one step in the process is missed or done incorrectly, major problems can arise that could cost you time and money. I'm happy to hear that I was able to hold it all together for you and I couldn't be more excited for you and your new home! All the best. 
Chad D January 3, 2024
It was a complete pleasure. The quick turnaround, the honest discussions, and the support throughout the entire process.
Reply from Stephen Preis | Loan Officer/Sales Manager | Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.: Chad - Thank you very much for the kind words! You and Annie were a pleasure to work with. I truly hope you enjoy your new home!
David C January 3, 2024
Conner was fantastic to work with and did a great job breaking down the loan process. Also was easy to communicate through many phone calls and the questions I had.
Reply from Connor Imming: Thank you so much, David, for the wonderful review and 5-star rating. It was a pleasure working with you and helping you understand the loan process. I'm glad I was easily able to communicate with you and answer all your questions. I look forward to assisting you again in the future. Thanks again for choosing Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.
Laurie Ann S January 3, 2024
Mr Rams came highly recommended to my husband and myself through our daughter & her fiancé through the purchase of their first home. Their experience as first time home buyers went seamlessly! He made them comfortable in answering all questions in a very timely fashion. My son & his fiancée purchased a home two months later and sadly we’re in the beginning stages with their loan processor and not having the same positive experience. My son contacted his sister, Mr Rams information was shared and within hours they were in contact with each to start another seamless mortgage process. Less than two months later my husband & I decided to do a refinance on our home…we had the same experience…Mr Rams & his assistant Barbara were available to us at ALL times & we’re extremely efficient during a very successful refinance.
Douglas Peterson L January 3, 2024
The communication around the docusign process was laborious. Nearly each time we had to call with a question so instead of making the process streamlined it made it take longer. There were also inconsistencies - sometimes we'd log in with my password then for no reason, a code would be needed and sent to the other persons phone. On the final day we needed to pre-sign our documents but that was not indicated the previous day when previewing them. Something as simple as a checklist at the beginning of the process of each document in the order that they would be signed, would make a big difference. The staff was responsive, helpful and good to work with. The technical aspect of the process however was very disappointing doesn't feel ready for the consumer market. This is the biggest purchase -- financially and emotionally -- we'll ever make. The process should respect that.
Reply from Amy Fichter: Dear Doug, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us. We genuinely appreciate your perspective and apologize for any inconvenience you experienced during the docusign process. Your insights are invaluable, and we take your comments seriously as we continually strive to enhance our services. To address your concerns: Communication and Docusign Process: We acknowledge that the communication around the Docusign process was laborious and resulted in additional calls on your part. We are actively reviewing our procedures to identify areas where we can streamline and improve communication to make the process more efficient and user-friendly. Inconsistencies and Authentication Process: We apologize for any inconsistencies in the authentication process, including the unexpected need for an additional code. These codes and/or passwords needed did depend on the sensitivity of the forms you were signing. Although I understand the annoyance they are there for your protection. Document Signing Process: We recognize the importance of clarity in the document signing process. Your suggestion for a checklist at the beginning of the process, outlining each document in the order of signing, is insightful. We are taking steps to implement such improvements to provide a more straightforward and organized experience for our users for I have already updated my initial email sent to my clients with this in mind. Please know that your feedback is crucial in our ongoing efforts to enhance our services. We value your business and hope to have the opportunity to provide you with an improved experience in the future. Please always know you can reach out for I am always here to help. All the best and enjoy your new home!!