A Homeowners Wish List to Santa

Dec 3, 2018 05:56 PM

By: Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

“Dear Santa, 

I’ve been really good this year! I now have a beautiful house, but would love a few extra gifts to make it feel a little more like home…”


With the holidays coming up quick, gifts for family and friends are usually on our minds. Do you have someone in your family who has recently moved into a new place? You’re in luck, because you’ve stumbled upon the ultimate homeowner’s wish list to Santa! 

My house could use a tech upgrade … 

Homes are becoming smarter and smarter, which is why many homeowners are putting new smart home technologies on their list to Santa this year.

  • Smart thermostats are a great way to save money and control your home’s temperature through your phone. Convenience and thrift? Win, win.
  • Music lovers are all about the wireless speaker systems. These speakers gives you the option to play the music you love, anytime and anywhere in your home. 
  • What about a voice assistant product? Who doesn’t like to order a pizza from a voice-activated smart assistant when you’re too cozy to reach for the phone?
My Dining Room is Looking Bare …

Everyone loves to add a little oomph to that special room in their home where friends and family gather to share meals together. That makes charming dining decorations the perfect holiday gift. 

  • Try finding a simple and neutral “catch all” tablecloth. No need to worry about clashing décor with a simple and chic table cover for all occasions.
  • Looking for something a little more eye-catching? How about gifting a beautiful centerpiece? 
  • A set of serving dishes for those holiday parties is the perfect final touch to your new, stunning dining room. 
I would love a personal touch for our home …

Everyone wants their home to be one of a kind. Santa let us in on a few top personalized products homeowners are looking for this year.

  • A personalized doormat adds a simple touch to help your front porch say “welcome home”.
  • A painted family portrait can liven up even the barest of walls. 
  • For those home chef’s out there, we haven’t forgotten about you! A specialized cutting board displaying your family name is just the right gift.
Outdoor entertainment sounds nice … 

How about a little something to do when you’re enjoying backyard barbecues with your guests in the warmer months?

  • Who wouldn’t love a good, old-fashioned game of corn hole to set up on their back porch?  
  • For your competitive friends, Santa said they’re asking for a Spike Ball set this year.
A final wish for Santa …

Purchasing a new home is an exciting time of life, made even sweeter when you get to make it your own with some of the items from our homeowner’s gift list to Santa. But maybe you just want to add that new house to your list this year. 

If Santa’s too busy to help you out, we’ve got you covered! Contact your local Loan Officer today to learn more about your home financing options.